Please read this Notification regarding your upcoming move. We would like to ensure that your move runs as smoothly and as easily as possible for you. Please be advised that moving blankets and pads are used for:
- kitchen & dining room chairs.
- buffets (wood).
- credenzas (wood).
- desks (wood).
- dining tables (wood).
- kitchen tables (wood).
- sofas (if you have white sofas, have them shrink wrapped first before blankets are used).
- other furniture items; headboards, dressers, armoire, foot boards, etc.,
- Moving Blankets & Pads aren't always efficient for the following listed below;

- Additionally, if you have a:
glass dining room table top, glass coffee table top, glass end tables, mirrors, mattresses (please note that you may purchase your own mattress covers prior to the move OR the movers may provide them day of the move for and additional fee of $9.00 each), antique items, vanity mirror and/or glass tables, paintings, grandfather clock, marble coffee table, marble dinning table, statues, stainless steel refrigerators;freezers, black and white refrigerators that are dented or scratched cannot be repaired. The only protection we have are moving blankets & pads, if the doors of the fridge need to come off, or the front door of your home needs to come off; please inform the movers the way it was moved into your home. glass entertainment center, glass console table, LCD/Plasma computer monitor (s) -- we ask that you please unplug all peripherals and keep them in a Ziploc bag to safely reconnect later -- LCD, LED, Plasma Flat Screen T.V. -- we ask that you please move this in your own car if you do not have the original box for our movers to pack it in -- If these items are damaged or whatsoever reason, My American Movers, Inc., will not replace, purchase or repair any of the items listed above, especially any mechanical malfunctions. Consider purchasing additional insurance.

Washing Machines & Dryer, the gas line should be disconnected by you or the gas company, we disconnect as a courtesy and move it for you, if there are any missing washers, hoses or connections please have these put in a plastic bag for safe keeping, these items are small, and loose and can easily get lost. or any other glass and/or fragile items please have these items packed properly and professionally to ensure a damage-free move by either yourself or the movers. Moving Blankets and pads will not be sufficient enough to protect these fragile items, they need to be either; boxed, bubble wrapped, shrink wrapped or moved separately depending on the item itself. If you believe you need packing services, inform the office during the time of scheduling your move, so we may supply the moving truck and the movers with the supplies you may need for your move. If you sustain damages to these items because they weren't packed and protected properly, My American Movers, Inc., will not be held liable or responsible for any damages, cost of repair, or replacement to any such items. These items need to be packed properly in order to prevent breakage, shatter, chips, scratches or cracks. If we pack these items for you, additional fees will be applied to your bill of lading/contract for packing materials. If you have your own packing supplies you may provide them to the movers as well, instead of purchasing them from us. If you pack the items yourself, you are responsible for any damages. If these items are of value, we highly recommend that you purchase insurance to protect you best interest.

We will not move any chandeliers or aquariums or (heavy safes exceeding 500 lbs.) If you have a Baby Grand or a Grand Piano and you did not disclose this at the time of booking and have only 2-3 movers on your move, we will be unable to move the piano for you.

If you have an elevator, please confirm that you are able to reserve it for the movers usage.

If you decide not to purchase insurance, My American Movers, Inc., provides $0.60 cents per pound, per article valuation coverage. (This option is on the bill of lading, please be sure to initial it on your contract).

Example: Plasma T.V. costs $2000.00 and the movers drop, chip or break it you are entitled; the weight ex., 20 lbs., x 0.60 cents per pound per article = $12.00 (you would be reimbursed for). Any mechanical malfunctions we are not responsible for whatsoever.

If you schedule your move last minute and your unable to contact the insurance office because their closed, you will be provided with the standard valuation coverage 0.60 cents per pd., per article.______ this will be on your contract you need to initial it.

If you are interested in purchasing insurance, you may contact a third party insurance that we work with. The information is provided below. If you can not be not present for your move and instead have another person; family member, friend, neighbor present in your place and they sign off on this form, they are signing in your place. If you are physically unable to be present for your move, try to schedule on a day your able to be there so that you are able to be present to observe and instruct the movers on where and how you want your items packed and moved.
(888) 893-8835 Arrangements for purchasing insurance need to be made at least 3 days prior to your move. You may make a last minute purchase, however, they will need to verify with our office same day to expedite the process.

The movers do what they can to prevent damages, but sometimes access down a spiral stair case, a narrow staircase or the fact that the item being moved is of extreme or heavy may cause a minor damage.

If you instruct the movers not to use moving blankets and pads to wrap your furniture or to protect it, we will not be held responsible for any damages done to your furniture/items.

Please do a final walk through of your old home it is no the movers responsibility to do this for you, if anything is left behind we are not always able to return due to distance, time or a busy schedule. If we do, an additional fee will be applied.

Please stay with the movers from the beginning to the end of the move so that there are no miscommunications.

Please take medication, passports, jewelry, iPhones, iPads, iPods, digital cameras, collections, pictures, small breakable and any other fragile personal items with you. If you have anyone helping you aside from the move, please be sure that they are not giving the movers instructions that differ from yours, as we would like to avoid any conflict of interest.

If you have any hardwood floors, linoleum, vinyl or tile floors that get scratched, torn or ripped for any reason during the move we will not be held responsible if any damages or repairs that arise from the move.

If we can and are able to make any repairs to glass, mirrors or wood pieces, we will do what we can to send out a repairman that we use, however, it may not be the next day or immediately after your move date. We have to coordinate with the repairman's availability and schedule and yours; it may take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for any repairs if any. If we are able to do it within three days from the move date we will but please be patient if it takes longer. Again we high recommend that any packing services you may need for the items mentioned in the above list be conducted the day before or same day of move to protect your items.

If you have any plants we move them as a courtesy but we aren't required to move plants of any sort. They should be put on the truck last if there is any room. If the leaves or soil falls off or out, if the plant/pot is of extreme wight and cracks due to the condition or age of the pot we cannot and will not be held responsible. Please empty and disconnect your refrigerator the night before your move.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call our office, we are here to be of assistance to you and our family. We need to work together to prevent damages and to communicate the care that needs to take place together to better prepare you for your upcoming move. Please reply to this email acknowledging you have received, read and understand the options provided to you. A printed copy will be present with the movers the day of your move for signing if you are unable to print and fax back to our office. You may also reply to this email by leaving an email reply that it was acknowledged by you regarding the terms and conditions for your move.

Happy Moving!
My American Movers, Inc.

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Credit Cards Or Cash No Personal Checks, please have a valid working credit card day of the move.
If your date is subject to change, there are no penalties for rescheduling or cancellations. We only ask for a 24-hour notice of such.